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High Protein Foods Chart for Body Building

Exercise and bodybuilding naturally adds stress to body which generates free radicals and contributes to what is known as oxidative stress. These conditions are known to be linked to chronic diseases and aging. Yet, to stay healthy exercise is extremely important for the body, and especially more so for those who are bodybuilding and building body mass. So, one of the most important things a person who exercises a lot or body builds can do is to use a high protein foods chart to increase their consumption of proteins.

How much protein does a person who is bodybuilding actually need? Well, besides being one of the best ways to fight oxidative stress caused by increased free radicals, drinking high protein drinks and shakes that contain whey protein concentrate, gives the body an ultimate source of rapidly digestible protein. Check and compare the benefits to your high protein foods chart.  When whey protein concentrate is consumed by the person who is bodybuilding, it gives a quick shot of amino acids that increases the body’s protein synthesis and builds muscle.

Bodybuilding takes a lot of strength, endurance, and willpower. Besides that, it adds a significant amount of stress to the body, therefore the person who is bodybuilding should be concerning with how much protein their body needs to not only protect itself, but give the body the elements and nutrients that actually build muscle. The high protein foods chart will show your options, but for a quick fix of the necessary protein, what should you do?  Whey protein concentrate is proven to be the ultimate source.

Ori Hofmekler, author and bodybuilding expert on improved health through the foods we eat, wrote a well-known book called, “The Warrior Diet”, in which he explains the some revolution diet concepts based on the way our ancestors ate. In his book he explains the best time for those who are bodybuilding to consume their high amounts of protein, which is typically about 30 minutes after exercising, and not before that.  Much of the time, most of the foods you see in the high protein foods chart may not be accessible so soon after workout.  Whey protein smoothies are a quick and effective substitute.

Regarding the high protein foods chart, in another study in the Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise Journal, scientists demonstrated how much protein a person should have when bodybuilding. The study determined that eating 20grams of protein per serving 30 minutes before resistance training gave them a boost in metabolism that continued for 24 hours after their workout. The study indicates how much protein (specifically high quality whey protein concentrate, which is high in amino acids activates a cellular function that promotes muscle protein synthesis) increases thyroid and protects against a decrease in testosterone levels. It actually aids bodybuilding by increasing a person’s muscle mass.  Use your high protein foods chart and monitor your protein level.  Click here to see the high protein foods chart.


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